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The Milestones of BEMANI, Step 1:beatmania

Partly because I have run out of ideas on what to write for my blog, and furthermore my entry is way out of schedule, which I also regret, I decided to talk about one of my favorite things; that is, arcade games. Especially, those games that are under the BEMANI umbrella. but before I begin my further rambling, I'll introduce BEMANI first.

Before that was KONAMI. It is currently one of the top gaming companies that exist today. Their range of products is apparently enormous; anime merchandise, trading cards, action figures, coin arcades and various other video games. we now narrow the scope to one of its branches, which is none other than BEMANI, specializing in coin-operated music simulation games. Originally, it was named "Games and Music Division", but then it changed its name as an accolade to its first and most successful game, beatmania (yes, without a capital B).

According to Wikipedia, BEMANI has continuously released new versions of several different games. Using the coined term "mix", different mixes have different songs, settings, play modes, and graphics. Usually this comes in a rather fixed format, which is [game] [No.]th Mix, for example, beatmania 6th Mix. There is one exception for one of the games, namely, "Pop'n music 1" and onwards. Each game has its own unique hardware (one good reason why they are ridiculously expensive), and each of them has its own form of control. A fair amount of songs from one of their games are occasionally transplanted into another (for example, a song in beatmania can appear in pop'n music).

Since there are about 4 main games that they continuously produce with different mixes, I'll split them into four; this one is, obviously, beatmania, their most successful product in the coin arcade games market. Its first release was around 1997, and is partly responsible for the booming of music simulation games similar to this in 1998. Since it was so successful, it has 'evolved' into 2 versions, beatmania IIDX (DX standing for Deluxe, pronounced two dee-ecks) and beatmania III (three).

The rules are ultimately simple. There is 5 piano-resembling keys arranged like one (two black keys in the top and three white ones in the bottom), and a scratching disk at the left side for player one and in the right for player 2. In beatmania IIDX it is changed to seven keys, thus making it a wee bit harder, and also some effector keys acting along the lines of equalizers. in beatmania III, however, the 5 keys are back and a versatile foot pedal. when you insert the coins and press Start, you choose the play mode (for beginners, regulars and experts), and you select the song. When it is set, you get a screen of something like this :

Those tabs and keys correspond to the controller which is something like this:

White tabs for the white keys, blue ones for the black, and there are wide red tabs not shown in the picture for the scratching disk. Basically, when any cascading tabs approach or meet the big red line below, you have to press the corresponding key (for example, tab for leftmost white key reaches reline, press it) in order to get a preset sound which recomposes the song properly, if the whole 'stage' is played flawlessly, it produces a proper song. On the contrary, if played with notes missing or not hit at the right time, all you get is a fiasco. There is a passing range shown in form of a horizontal bar below the bars, and the objective is to keep the bar on the red region in order to pass the song and advance to the next stage. If the song ends and the bar is in the blue region, you fail the song and you have to insert another coin if you want to continue. The stage may end prematurely if the bar is completely depleted. Sounds easy enough? Not quite.

There are 3 levels of difficulty for each song (This varies in each of the 3 versions), NORMAL, HYPER, or ANOTHER, all in a scale of 1 to 12, from easiest to hardest. The harder it gets, the more skill and accuracy needed to correctly press the keys and 'scratch' the disk in order to pass the stage and get a flawless song. There are speed modifiers, from 0.5x to 5.0x at 0.5 intervals, changing the rate of scrolling of the notes falling down and increases the gap between the notes but not necessarily accelerating the sound, according to the song's BPM (beats per minute). Other core gameplay modifiers (because they've lots of them) are HIDDEN, when the notes disappear halfway at the end but you still have to press them, SUDDEN, when the notes are only visible halfway at the end, in contrary to HIDDEN, RANDOM, where notes for keys are assigned to other keys, MIRROR , where the note layout for the songs is flipped (rightmost key becomes leftmost key, doesn't affect scratches), and Auto Scratch, where the notes for the turntable do not require user input (automatically counted). The scoring, or how well you succeeded, is based on rankings ranging from C to AAA.
There are different mixes for each version, and there are different songs, graphics, layout, new game plays, etc. The first beatmania goes until 6th mix + CORE REMIX; the IIDX series, on the other hands, uses 'style' at the end (Beatmana IIDX 9th style), probably because it would sound peculiar if they used 'mix', and it is still continuous, the most recent being beatmania IIDX 14- GOLD (they stopped using 'nth style' since IIDX 11 - RED onwards). beatmania III, on the other hand, is relatively short-lived and stops at 'the final' mix. It had a 3.5 inch floppy drive to save records of scores. There are also home versions, which hold up to 90 songs. The arcade ones can hold up to 400 songs due to running it on a hard drive instead of a DVD.

The songs itself are an integral part of beatmania as do all consoles under the BEMANI umbrella. there are artists who compose songs exclusively for BEMANI, but there are other licensed tracks from other popular artists as well. Each mix will have relatively have 40 new songs (!) with some revival songs from previous mixes, and also what they termed "boss songs" or 'extra stage' songs, only playable when meeting certain requirements in clearing stages that differ at several intervals of mixes (for example, one mix requires the user to play, say, a level 6, 7, and 8 song respectively with a ranking of A or higher to unlock the boss songs). Generally, the artists uses pseudonyms/aliases for their songs, the ones they use frequently and sometimes special ones for certain songs. One more thing,each song has a genre and some of them have special genres, which will be come apparent in my Songs of the Day review.

Sadly, they very, VERY RARELY appear in Indonesia. One reason is because it is ridiculously, INSANELY expensive. For example, buying a beatmania IIDX 9th style cabinet alone costs around $12500! Imagine IIDX 14 - GOLD, it might be up to $20000 (200 million rupiah!) or even more! The most updated one I can find is beatmania 5th mix in Bali. There was a beatmania IIDX (1st mix) in Daan Mogot, Jakarta once, but it's long broken. So consequently, I have to go to Japan itself to get myself updated. In any case, it's a fine game to any of you who enjoy music and arcade games, but this is only the beginning; there are still more games to come and I will review them eventually.


The CARDINAL GATE is a group of boss songs with a difficulty of 11 out of 12. The artists are based from the Four Gods that rules the four directions (north, east, west, and south) in chinese mythology. This can be found in beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD, and is the first time in any mixes a boss song appears in for of a group. The songs from the ' four gods' are:

1. Ganymede by 玄武 (Genbu)

The slowest of the quartet (72-82 BPM), and the most sensible song (in terms of how the song sounds like), it features a green mechanical turtle in a snowy plain on the video. Personally my favorite song out of the four, the real artist's name is Jun Wakita, who happens to be my favorite artists of all time for beatmania. The genre is Esoteric Slowcore, which makes sense once you hear the song.

朱雀 (Suzaku)
The second slowest at 180 BPM, and the third most sensible song, the video features an armored girl enveloped in fire, and my wild guess is that the animal accompanying her is a vermilion phoenix are some other type of bird. The artist's real name is Yoshitaka Nishimura, which I am not in full favor of his songs. The genre is Sublime Techno, which is not so understandable to me, but it's techno, for sure.

3. 華蝶風雪 (pronounced 'Kachoufuusetsu' )by 白虎 (Byakko)
The fastest of the four at 199 BPM, and the second most sensible song, the video shows a white haired guy in black (with chest open) bearing a big scythe riding a white striped tiger. The artists real name is Tatsuya Shimizu, a newcomer to the BEMANI artists family, he does reasonably good songs which made him quickly popular. The genre is Asian Mixture, as the song has traditional Japanese instruments such as the shamisen, koto, and the Japanese flute which I forgot the name.

4. waxing and wanding by 青龍 (Seiryu)
The third fastest at 191 BPM, this is in my opinion the most insensible song of the four, heavily caused by some high-pitched rambling-of-sorts throughout the song. The video shows a blond princess with a blue-eyes azure dragon. My wild but plausible guess for the real artist is Ryutaro Nakahara, which I am flabbergasted at because he doesn't make songs like this type for all I know. The genre is Dance Speed. I get the 'speed' because its reasonably fast, but the 'dance' part, I'm not that convinced.

So that's it for beatmania and the Cardinal Gate. There are hundreds of other songs, but I just spent two hours writing this blog and I wouldn't care less about them. Next up is step 2: Guitar Freaks & Drummania, soon in a blog entry near you.

Regards from the schizophrenically psychotic retard,
Yoga Pradana A.K.A. Dr VoltsPerSecond

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Anime Review: The Law of Ueki

Captivating...moving... magnum opus (masterpiece)… is a few words that would describe the anime (Japanese cartoon version) “The Law of Ueki” created by the very talents of Tsubasa Fukuchi and the scintillating tunes (opening 2nd theme in particular) of Kumi Koda. The Japanese animation production started in April 4, 2005 and ended in March 27, 2006. It all started with the main character of the anime named “Ueki”. Ueki is just your average middle- senior school student in your everyday society. He meets with Kobasen, a heavenly being (creatures similar to humans, with special powers beyond those of a mere human) that helps him to change as the story progress. The story proceeds with Ueki meeting his “god candidate” and receiving a special power of turning garbage into trees. Ueki then joins a competition where people with special gifts would compete in a tournament. The winner would claim a “blank talent” or in other words to obtain any skill he/she wishes. The “god candidate” will then be promoted as God himself. However, Ueki didn’t realize the mess he gets himself into. As the story persists, he meets with his future rival called Robert Haydn. An 8th grade heavenly being as well, with an intact hatred towards mankind in general. Robert is powerful enough to be feared by all the rest of the contestants. Ueki eventually lost the fight and was helped by Kobasen. Kobasen helped Ueki at the cost of disobeying “God’s laws” and was summoned into hell. Before he left, Kobasen reminded Ueki to stay strong, and to always remember to hold on to morals in life, explicitly to upheld justice towards the world. Kobasen’s message becomes the backbone of the entire anime, as Justice is the main force behind Ueki’s actions. Long story short, Ueki obtains new friends that help him in the tournament, and more importantly sharing the same optimistic idea of changing the world significantly. (Spoilers end here)…

In my opinion, The Law of Ueki is an incomparable masterpiece of anime. This anime is not only entertaining yet it also gives priceless lessons to be learnt. From the upholding message of Justice, to the idea of never giving up, to persevere in the tightest situations, to always keeping a “no one gets left behind” mindset in battles, Ueki’s never ending thought of “sacrifice” for his friends becomes his motivation in his battles. Personally, my favorite message is the belief in a hope or an idealistic idea of the future and not the past, in which we can do anything we set our minds to. How ever high that idea or goal may be, the sky’s the limit.
9.5/10 (52 anime episodes in total)

By: Nicholas Sudharta (Administrator)

Monday, October 22, 2007


Introducing my new way of blogging; that is, [Extra Stage] and [Premium Encore Stage] blog entries. An entry with the [Extra Stage] tag before its title means that it is not to be graded and I did it out of my excess writing passion. Entries with [Premium Encore Stage] tags serve as 'emergency provisions', where it can be used as a substitute should I fail to meet my weekly entry because of other reasons. Having that said, here goes.

At 9th grade I remember realizing that I had a liking for jazz. It turned out that I pretty much hear music of any genre as long as I like it. Then I started looking through my father's CD albums, and some of them were fusion jazz, some oldies, and disco (He was a pretty good disco jockey in his youth, I can say that). And then my father showed me his top favorites: two CD albums of a Japanese band called CASIOPEA. I have heard of the name before, because in earlier years when I was still in the Limewire fervor I came across one of their songs called "Eccentric Games", which was apparently the live version with a band named T-Square. Anyways, now I have come to adore this band just like my father did when he attended their concert in Jakarta almost 20 years ago.

Here they are. Starting from the left, is Minoru Mukaiyama, the keyboardist who seems to savor every song he plays live on stage with passion. He frequently plays with two keyboards, but he prefers having 3 around him. the next one is Akira Jimbo on the drums; he was a former member but left to pursue solo careers in the 1980's. He then joined the team again as an associate member to keep the band spirit alive and well. I'd personally say he's one of the top fusion jazz drummers I've ever seen. Next is the band leader, Issei Noro, the guitarist, whose passion remains blazing until last year, when he decided to freeze all band activity because he needed to take a break. Well, more than 20 years of band history must be tiring for him, I'd admit it. His style of playing is a bit old school in terms of guitar position, but his way of composing music is one of a kind. Lastly, there's Yoshihiro Naruse, the bassist, which is renowned as a master slapper (meaning he 'slaps' the strings with his thumb to create a unique and catchy sound, which is quite advanced as I would deduce it). although I think they are well in their 40's (not sure for Akira), they're still restless playing their own music because they know they love and and their fans do so too, including me. Now I have problems ordering their concert DVD because it's over 600,000 rupiah excluding shipping costs, which is a pain since firstly I haven't had the prerogative and freedom for online shopping yet and secondly, I don't make my own money yet.

My personal favorites from this band include:


The title meaning "sunrise", it lives up to its name as a song greeting something new like the sunrise in the morning. It's their signature piece and Issei has a signature move for it too. It's the part where he raises his fist three times after playing a certain tune; he's been doing that ever since the song was first used on stage. And since the band teamed up with T-Square, another great Japanese fusion jazz band, the sax adds to the greatness of the song at full. It's sometimes played as a closing song, holding on the the 'save the best for last' principle.

Misty Lady

The above link was when they toured in South Korea, around 1996. I consider this to be their best version of the song. Originally it had that smoky feeling, added with their unique upbeat rhythm to make a decent song that stands out. In this clip you can see Issei still had long hair and hasn't grown a beard and mustache yet, and frankly speaking, Yoshihiro still had that mushroom-shaped haircut.

Looking Up

One of their intro songs when they teamed up with T-Square at one of the last concerts, I love this song particularly because of the catchy tunes and major keys and this song is the best example of Casiopea's uniqueness; they rarely make sad songs. The farthest they can go is just relaxing songs, but they still maintain its unique tune and distinct play style.

The Soundgraphy
I don't really have much to say because they sadly didn't play this song in any of their concerts, but it's still one of my most favored songs. They still have that positive beat, sort of vigorous and alive, which is not found in most of the run-off-the-mill smooth jazz releases found in America, and they aren't subject to the pressures American jazz players feel, so the consistency of their music is distinct and fresh.

Well, that's it for my first [Extra Stage] entry. All in all, I continue to search for their music scattered everywhere on Limewire and legally in stores, because I want to experience fully the band that takes fusion jazz on to a different plane.

From the schizophrenically psychotic retard,
Yoga Pradana A.K.A. Dr VoltsPerSecond

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Living a Life Leaving a Legacy and Lasting Memories

Finally the picture application works again, it wasn't working on 11 AM, which irritated me briefly.

Yesterday night, I was going with my parents to a friend of theirs in Pondok Indah. I had wanted to stay, but then the new maid hasn't arrived yet, or to put it better, hasn't been found yet (the recent one will never come back), so I reluctantly went with them. Initially their business was to clarify some catering affairs for a company gathering due next week, so it was obvious they would make verifications and final adjustments and whatnot. I thought that the meeting would be short and I'll come home early and start writing on this blog. A while later, when my parents were discussing with the lady her husband came and greeted us. Sometime later we were prompted to dinner with them. At first we hesitated and took away the offer, but then they said that hospitalities like these should be accepted without reluctance. I thought, "Well, at least it's better than having headaches about where to eat after this," so us three enjoyed dinner at their place.
At the dinner table I listened about various things, but mostly it was all pretty much related to religion, such as fanatics and sects and all (The husband explained this all to us, by the way). After that I listened about various religious leaders (namely, kiai in Indonesian terms) spread across Indonesia and people in Yemen. Firstly, the religious leaders in Indonesia, Muslim leaders, that is, since their spiritual 'power' is advanced enough, one can speak to a crowd without even moving his jaw, and so his students beside him would have to interpret his seemingly telepathic speech to the rest of the crowd. He said the the leader was slightly above 200 years old although I have doubts about that only slightly. And then he talked about another leader in Central Java who's very short but his voice can be heard vividly almost 2km away from him without using a microphone or any kind of sound amplification devices.
A while later came the main topic, there and this blog. It was about a man who wouldn't take answers for granted and leave it like that; he would even ask my father for 3 years finding what is God, and take it further from there. He was a man who divided part of his wage with people who work for him or know him who needed more than they got. He was a man who had a dream, a vision about all of his and her wife's family doing a pilgrimage together to the holy lands of Mecca and Medina, and he even had the funds ready. He was a man who built a mosque and also a boarding school for orphaned children, yet he was killed tragically; his car was smashed by a train and died on the way to the hospital. It was 3 years ago.
That man was my uncle, my dad's eldest brother.
The way he died itself was enigmatic on its own. The night before his death, my dad was supposed to lead the evening prayers for his side of the family after breaking the fast (it was the month of Ramadan at the time), but instead he did it for my mother's family. And so when he got there, he was extremely furious at him. The strange thing is, for as long as my mother had been married with my father, she had never experienced my uncle getting furious to my dad like that, and even his wife doesn't know why. After a while, he informs to my uncle for his departure home, and he said to be in his house again the next day at 3 PM. When we hit the wheels and not far from their house his wife phoned my mother, vehemently apologizing us body and soul for my uncle's mysterious temper. Even she doesn't know why, and she said sorry once again.
The next day, it was well around 2 past 30 PM. My father was taking a bath. The phone rang, and I was the closest one to answer it. It was from my aunt; my dad's older sister. She prompted for my father very urgently. Half-finished bathing, he came out, puzzled.

"Pak Adhi meninggal!! Cepat ke sana!!!"

After an incredulous "APA!? (WHAT !?)" he finished his bath in a flash and called other relatives and colleagues immediately (A cousin recalls feeling numb on their knees when hearing the news). We all dressed in black and flashed to the nearest mortuary. Actually, except me. I , still naive and quite nebulous, instead went to a birthday party of my friend's over at Shangri-La hotel, which easily became one of my greatest regrets now. After I broke my fasting there, I told my friend that I have to go see my deceased uncle. He was surprised and after a talk, he told me that next time, family comes first. I heeded his saying until today. I finally made it to his house and both my uncle and his wife had very clean and peaceful faces. Only during their burial did I cried, having realized all that he did for me me all these years. (my aunt who called almost went hysteric and wanted to be

What was strange about this death for me was that he told my father to come to his house at three and then died around that timespan. the night before, he was furious and even his wife didn't know why. It was as if he knew his death was coming, and that his temper to my father was some sort of a farewell last speech, something to remember about after his death. My uncle lived a very strong religious foundation. It is said that those like him and greater can sense their death coming their way. Having testifying this, I have to second that notion. I would have to classify it as premonition. Three years later, people still talk about his deeds and his humble and selfless character. His life makes me feel proud about having an uncle like him. Now, I still wish he was still here when Lebaran came.
Things would have been very much different when he's still around.
You can tune a guitar, but can you tune a fish?

I will not be posting a Song of the Day today. Instead, I will introduce something else interesting. Tomorrow. I promise. I have homework. Which sucks. But hey, no pain no gain.


Regards from the schizophrenically psychotic retard,
Yoga Pradana A.K.A. Dr VoltsPerSecond

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Controversial World of Choice

In this world of technological advantages, the improved human life and less time needed to cook a bowl of soup, we all face one problem. One big problem that really waste our time and energy. A problem that causes the mandkind to suffer from confusion which sometimes can lead to brain damage or mental illness.
This useless and very irritating problem is called choosing a gadget.
There are millions of range of choices when we are goin to buy anything. There are 3 types of ipods with uncountable number of colors, a whole world choices of handphone with all those crappy systems which we do not use anyway, and even a catalouge of toilet paper types and colors! Why waste time in choosing what kind of toilet paper to use or different types of gadgets. They are just unbelievably the same!! People might waste half of their lifes in making choices and decisions, in choosing the right clothes to wear and what kind of rice to buy.
What was simple in the past became very sophisticated and complicated until you need a consultant to choose which underwear suits you the most. The world is becoming more complex rather than simpler and efficient. We could see the example in a handphone, where there are trillions of functions in it, like all those GPRS,3G and blah blah... All I need is buttons with numbers ranging from 0-9. A huge dial and end call button with one round black spot that named ON/OFF. I don't need all those crappy camera or mp3, because we use digital camera that has better quality and we carry ipods everywhere.
A single thing which was meant to have one function, is becoming one multitasking gadget and in the future, we could have a talking tissue paper robot with LCD screen.
Adidas invented a pair of shoe called Adidas 1 which has chip in it and you could choose the softness of the soles when you press a button which is located on top of the shoe. This is rubbish, one hundred percent rubbish...I don't care where am I stepping at, as long as the shoe protect me from nails and dog poo. The best shoe in the world is a sole sticked below the body of the shoe with traditional tailor on it, not a terminator kind of shoes which could fire laser guns and nuclear bombs.

The message to gadget developers is:
make things as simple as the stone age!

Sweet and Sour

Being supressed like a dumb mouse trapped in the sticky stuff, residents are being fooled by those loaded and glamorous military officers with 2 kilograms of blood diamonds and gold chains around their neck and feet, just like a...pimp.
Is military socialist a good way to treat a country with hungry men digging in the rubbish bin trying to find the caviar and Mexican truffles which is the left over from the Leutenant's mansion?
Militaries with canons, bazookas and nuclear bombs with mass killing gas in it and plague do not fight with people who has fork on their hands and stomach full of air due to the lack of rice or smoke beef which is finished because the fat blobby generals consumed it all..
Last month, a military general was seen at his daughter's wedding in a 5 star hotel in Yangon, while Myanmar's residents do not get enough rice to keep their stomach full each day, according to Jakarta Post...What the counry is now doing is exactly what they did twenty years ago, where a reform happened but the military closed all communication and way to socialize with other country, and after they gradually open out, another reform happened just days ago which then will make us buy new world map that has no Burma inside, completey expunged.
But twenty years again, when I grow mustache and have medical check up each day, we will see a new country that is lead by the Generals, leutenant and Captain's children.
While their stomach grow bigger and bigger and so the bank account in Credit Suisse, when we turn the TV on to CNN, we see more people trying to refute. but in a snap of a finger, gone forever...just like some of the men wearing orange clothing with bald head that tried to "critics" the military government of Burma or Myanmar (whatever you think is appopriate to this "country")

What I am saying is very clear.
For high ranking bureau: Oil as main natural resource + absolute power for military = yacht in French Riviera
For residents of Burma: Oil as main natural resource + absolute power for military = I eat 100 years old of beef that i found in the trash can

Why did the high ranking general in burma make money from suffering?

If I am in the position of the general, I would do these too...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What is Success ? ( In my perspective)

What is success? (In my perspective)

For me, success is divided into 5 parts. They are success in family, in career, in social life, in health, and in morality. My life wouldn’t be complete if I cannot fulfill these 5 areas of my life. Yet different people have different perspective, but mine should be like this.
Now I’m going to explain everything from my point of view. First, what does success in family mean? Success in family means that you have people who love you and be loved by you. Usually the circle of family consists of the closest people around you, such as your parents and siblings. Living peacefully with them means you talk, you communicate, and they respond to you. Time is the key factor here. If a family can spend some time together just to interact among themselves, the problems that they are facing will seem to be light enough to bare. Laughter and hugs would be the best remedy of all tiring day. You don’t have to spend and plan particular event just to show that you care. A simple dinner can have it all.
Then, as I’m a young man that has a lot of dreams and accomplishment to achieve, I believe that I have to strive and work hard to prove my existence. Especially in business, I see that people who are rich have all the respects and power in their hands even though not everybody likes them. Well, for start, I need to have good grades to be successful in my studies so I can earn as much knowledge as I could. Hopefully with all this knowledge, I could establish and expand my own business and be recognized by people.
Next, success in social life means that you have friends that you can count on especially when you are in trouble. Nowadays I see a lot of people try to be friends with people who are popular but that are not what I want. I need to have friends who truly know me, my strengths and weakness yet they still accept me for who I am. Those kind of friends are difficult to find but should be kept when you have them. I believe if you have friends that support you, you will be able to develop your potential to the best that you can. They will remind you if you are wrong and support you when you are in need. That’s why I called it success in social life.
Health, health may not be everything but without health we cannot do anything. For me health is very important. It helps me to do everything from studying, having fun, and doing other activities to achieve my dreams. Imagine if you are sick, you cannot perform to your maximum potential. Not to mention the pain and the expense that you should spent to be healthy. I think even though you have all the money in this world, it would be useless if you cannot enjoy it for you are sick and cannot leave your bed.
Even though I’m still young, but I want to make sure that I am successful now and then. Well morality or religion is one way to have the guarantee. Without good moral people can be very selfish and evil. They only think about themselves and their needs. Usually these kinds of people will do everything to achieve their goals. In the other hand, I believe that I should live good conscience. It will bring me peace so I can prepare my next move without feeling guilty.
I hope I can achieve all of this success. As I grow older perhaps these definitions will change but for now this success are my goals to achieve in life.
Initial R
Ricardo Alidjurnawan