Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Thursday..~ (8/30/07)

This is a perfectly normal Thursday..people still sleep in class during the devotion time with Mr. Owen...yes,,my favorite teacher. (in ur dreams)...i came to school with a feeling of boredom and lazyness inside my heart and my brain. Not a great start for the day by the way...Just after I woke up, i already got cranky to my maid. i scold her for not doing my clothes breakfast was not really prepared and my bag was a mess... And then another bad luck came to my side. My new driver forgot to bring the parking sticker which must be brought to the car if you want to get inside the after driving for 10 minutes (almost going to the tollway), we had to turn back and took the parking sticker...what a disaster..
I had history in the morning and there was a debate about "who got the most benefit from the emancipation of the serfs, the nobles or the serfs themselves." i was in the side which said, "the noble were affected badly after the emancipation." We were only given 20 minutes to discuss and my group was not really ready to speak when Ms. Judy stopped the 'talking' time. Our team kept repeating the same thing again and again, which was NOT a great thing for debate. I was kind of frustrated and also felt the guiltiness because i did not speak well during my time to raise my point. But luckly, Agnes ( i think) saved our butt. She did have a great point by saying that the military was benefited from the emancipation of the serfs. But then Indra who was the next speaker did not use that heartbreaking point to the opposite team!! argh..

So i think we lost the debate.. but i will crush them next time..hahaha

The rest of the day was quite "a day", i had my guitar lesson, skipped my chinese lesson and went to Fredrick's house for chapel band practice and blah..

By: Andrew Yumitek

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday...Smoothly Sways Away~ ( 8/29/07)

....Occasionally, I will post a random picture such as the one above in my official daily blog. So don't be surprised.

Usually, when blogging, I always have something of my knowledge that I can share, but since there's none today, I give you, the reader, a prerogative to get an insight of what happened today in my eyes.

Today is my mother's birthday! the moment after I woke up, before taking a shower, I congratulated her and wished her everything one would say when usually congratulating a person's birthday. I was still a bit sleepy, so then I subconsciously took a bath without getting shampoo on my toothbrush. after that it's the usual routine, the morning prayer and breakfast, and then wait for my driver to pick me up for school.

Nothing new happened in the way...

I was surprised to see that 5 minutes before the bell, less than half of the class was present. There were quite a number of people absent today, I wonder why.Today was quite different, because homeroom time ends in 7:20 and not 7:05, because there was that launching of the new school theme for this year. That means there's no Bahasa Indonesia and ITGS today...Whoop-dee-doo!

The actual event was a bit interesting, because the guest speaker was the son of a man who had traveled across the world carrying a cross, and he was doing the same thing. He had quite an interesting story with him, I must say.

Next is....Biblical Studies class. I don't know why, I always experience recurring oscitancy, although I have a sound interest on the topic, which was the Great Debate (between science and religion and how they seem to oppose each other but actually not), but then I survived, thanks to a good cup of instant noodles. Usually I'll fetch something at the canteen, but I want to reserve my allowance for a couple of weeks now, so I eat something I bought from home except lunch.

And then it was Physics. Mr Graham had a frankly esoteric gonnegtion (as Meyer Wolfshiem said it) between Newton's third law of motion with an assonating sentence of "the cat sat on the mat". It's for humor's sake, of course, but it's a bit corny, if I must say.

Finally it was TOK. Still discussing about the empirical way of judging statements, we talked about things such as a person seeing sounds and hearing colors, autism and how they have a sense that overrides another, and such other extrasensory abilities each person has. Me, I feel like something is pressuring me from the back if I'm sitting alone, occasionally. but not now, I suppose.

The school bell rang, and off I go to the mall, which is almost a tradition every Wednesday, which may change as the months go by. I went to the food court and helped myself to some chicken teriyaki over at the Shokuyoku Teppanyaki stall. It was one of the alternatives beside fast food stalls, to cover up that rather unhealthy breakfast. I didn't rally finished it, there was still some meat and vegetables left, maybe because I put a bit of soup to my rice to make it finish quicker. I also happen to meet one of my homeroom mate there, but he didn't notice me as he was strolling, so I kind of ignored him, hehehe. Nevertheless, I played some arcade games at AMAZONE (the one in the immediate left after entering the main gate) for a short while, and then I at last venture to my humble abode. What a day.

Chuck Norris' first job was as a paperboy. There were no survivors.

Song of the Day: Maze of the Dark by Matsuoka Yuki, Watanabe Akeno, Shiratori Yuri

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. The singers are Japanese voice casters, all of them with lovely voices, and this was one of their songs for one of my favorite Japanese animations. It's subtly metal-genred with a gothic melody, and goes about3 minutes. They even have a remix of it, which sounds like an orchestraic dirge, but still really good to hear. The song elicits their vocal potentials. Yuki (A Japanese name has its given name last and the surname goes first) has a rather feminine alto voice, while Akeno, who has a good deal of voice range, switches between high and low pitches while maintaining her tonic accent, while Yuri has an initial soft, soothing voice that adds to the wonderful harmony the three produce. One of my all-time favorites, I must say.

Well, finally, that's that for my first blog entry. I do find it immoderately exuberant, but what can I say, I love writing (*Ingratiation alert*).

From the schizophrenically psychotic retard
By: Yoga Pradana

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blackout Situations & What To Do In One.~ (28-08-2007)

A blackout is that random time of the day where electricity is not available to a residence or particular place. It's that devastating situation that may randomly appear on a short time period, or a long time period. Blackouts are becoming more sporadic in Karawaci. I myself living in Karawaci have recently experienced numerous blackout situations. Right before writing this blog I decided to myself to help you readers out there to have an insight into What To Do In A Blackout Situation:

1. Never scream in a panic tone or cry like a baby. (Crying may actually make the baby cry!)
2.Always think optimistic. (Hey, it's only a few hours doing nothing, right?)
3.Make the best of any situation. (Reading and writing doesn't look so good.)
4.Think of the solution, not the problem! (I wonder who's responsible for this?)
5.Find any source of light to help guide you around. (Car lights may be a good source.)
6.Cherish the times you have with those around you. (Talking to the wall is considered.)
7.Find an alternative place to go to. (Make sure the destination isn't colored black.)
8.Try and sleep to pass the time. (Even if that means sleeping for 10 seconds.) 9.Open and read the blog titled: "Blackout Situations & What To Do In One.~ (28-08-2007)
10.Repeat and do questions 1-8 over again. (Try and read all this BEFORE the actual blackout.)

By: Nicholas Sudharta
Administrator (Nicholas)

Monday, August 27, 2007

How can you ALMOST tell if someone is lying ?~ (28-08-2007)

How can you ALMOST tell if someone is lying? Scientifically we can't prove if someone is lying however the signs below mostly works in most occasions.

Pay attention to their body language or movement.

Usually when people are lying their eyes cannot stay focus.
They also cannot look straight to the eyes of the other person.
Their appearance may seem nervous, from gestures such as scratching their body parts, or not standing still Most importantly they act out gestures that does not match with what they are saying.

Focus on to their physical appearance and their emotional behavior.
Usually liars will act defensive and sensitive.
They don’t like when people question their statements, even if the questions are appropriate. They usually delay their time to respond and normally their responses are unclear.
By changing the topic of the conversation as quickly as possible, "liars" are able to stop questions concerning their lies.

By: Ricardo Alidjurnawan
Initial R

Study Period, A Time To Chill and Hangout.~ (27-08-2007)

Study Period. It's that time of the day where students are given the time to study. A time where students are able to study individually or perhaps as a group. However you can't always believe "what meets the eye". Meaning that in any ups, there are downs. While study period maybe a time of leisure studying, students may indeed misuse the time, and just, may write a blog or two.

Whew.~ (27-08-2007)

It all started a couple days before while I was browsing and scrolling the web. After minutes of browsing, I sought the urge to open blogspot. I rolled my hand to the mouse, and typed in When the website "finally" opened, I couldn't access the account! Confused and panicking, I constantly tried entering different usernames and passwords. Hoping that anyone of them may come through. However after intense hours flew by not one was able to access my blog account. Not losing hope I tried again at lunch time the next day. Luckily, fate was on my side. As I clicked "forget your password" again, this time the username was sent back to my email. I waited, and waited, with anxiety pumping throughout my whole body like that of a thermometer ready to burst. Finally, I opened the email and to my relief I was able access my blog account once more. I learnt from that day on, to always, and underline always have a backup plan in any situation. Reliefed from all the pressure, I sighed to myself "Whew".

Friday, August 24, 2007

Realm of the Lesser Keyboard Soldiers Distribution!~ (24-08-2007)

Our Realm of the Lesser Keyboard Soldiers Distribution schedule:
Monday- Ricardo
Tuesday- Nicholas
Wednesday- Yoga
Friday- Jae

Our First Blog!~ (24-8-2007)

Today was a day of firsts for us. It was the first day that Ricardo, Andrew, Nicholas, Jae, and Yoga first made our first blog entry.