Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Waltz of 2008

Lord, please forgive my sins for not blogging for an incredibly awful long span of time, and please forgive my teacher's sins for having the feeling of hunting me down and getting these blogs done...

Allright, the first post of 2008 for me. To be frank enough, there has been change in the air. For me, personally, and for the world, too...I think. So let's see the news archives.

YAY.Our 'beloved' Hajj Muhammad Suharto, dead. Woops, bad karma, I just celebrated over someone's death. Allright, then, Lord please forgive his sins (if he has any that can still be forgiven, anyways), yada yada yada. The big question now is about the money. Where da money be hidin', mon? Oh, someone said his sick, pathetic, abused children did. Well, it's now way past the national mourning week and no nothing against him. And we thought that this is a democratic country. Hurrah, my people. Hurrah. And what about the revolutionists that were killed? Was it the fault of he himself or his (insert a paraphernalia of swear words) cronies? The ones that loved to suck the marrow of our national finance? Oh great, now where ARE they? Boy, have we got a lot to catch. It's like hunting for bad-luck bunnies in a forest the size of Texas, with STONES, the rate we're going. Yes, yes, I know, he made good for a young nation like us, but then the idea of a "president-for-life" is just sooo anti-Democracy. Ugh, I hate the stench of hypocrisy everywhere I try to smell some fresh air. And then there's the battle of next year's hot seat of presidency. Whilst I'll be voting elsewhere, I better not say "Oh, dear Son of Mary and Joseph, YOU AGAIN!?" or else my education abroad would be spent in vain.

That's why change is needed. And I am not asking for another Revolution era; that's plan Z on the what-to-do list in national crises. Say, speaking of change, why not someone like Barack Obama? Boy, he'd be the first American president who's not necessarily Caucasian. And then some political analysts talking in my back said that we have to be color-blind (erhm, race-blind) and focus on the ideas that each candidate has to convey to us. The thing is, we've seen countless Caucasians since George Washington, that if the Democrats are gonna win after God knows how many more Super Tuesdays there's going to be, whether it be Hillary or Obama, it's like seeing Bruce Springsteen as Head of Congress, Sylvester Stallone as Secretary of Defense and Paris Hilton replacing Rice. (The UN wanna speak to me? That's hot.) Nevertheless, I am also curious to see what the Republicans want us to see in their showcase. Maybe they've got a better agenda than the Democrats; or maybe a plan for World War 3? Another Orwellian parody? (sorry, Monochromatic Rainbows. And Republican supporters, if you are being explicitly offended by this individual.) I'm being way off the track, I know, but yeah, you never know (airhead accent included-d'oh...).

And so, Valentines day is four days away now, and the girl I gave my Valentine's wish to last is going to leave soon. Honestly, I don't think about it much anymore, I decided to go with plan B and date only once and marriage after that. Meh. But I can survive, thanks to Complacence in Depression's inspiration. Like my friend said, there's still lots of fish in the sea. Sure there is, but me, I'm nowhere near the sea. I'm in the desert. Alone. Waiting for a plane passing by and me crying my SOS out. Come to think of it, I'm as bad as Complacence in Depression when it comes to girls. Well, tough luck for me, I suppose.

One of the reasons I love football.

Song of the day: 'Waltz' by Suneohair

Sore wa warutsu no you da ne fushigisa
Sasayaku you na komorebi no kousaten de
Futari warutsu no you ni ne mawarinagara
Egakidashite yuku mono

...I love this song. If hell could freeze over I want to sing this in PH Idol next year. Another part of the reason is because I miss Mr. Geoff criticizing me for singing like a dog high on drugs and suffering rabies.

Lo and behold, that concludes my start-of-the-year ramblings. I hope this year brings me more change, more materialistic pleasures and more consequences for whatever I have done wrong. Because suffering and rewards are always one body.

Regards from the schizophrenically psychotic retard,
Yoga Pradana AKA DrVoltsPerSecond

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AvaloN said...

You really should have been in AI, dude...I definitely like your narration abilities in you entries (: I'll visit this site again soon, it's pretty amusing...