Monday, December 10, 2007

[EXTRA STAGE]A Short, Free-Form Poem

Right....this is actually my first blog that I made during school with my laptop, and I have 10 minutes before the bell rings and I'm off tutoring 9th graders, so I just wanted to drop by and say hi with a nice little poem that I made impromptu-wise.

A wise eagle soars through the sky of life
He sees what other cannot and observes what others look with a glance
He witnesses the world turning round and round

He is not like the ant
who socializes with every other ant to live
but he takes friendship with his winged kin.
He knows it is not the right place for him

He is not the lion
who preys for his food mercilessly
instead he satisfies his hunger with small animals
He knows it is beyond his eating capabilities

The eagle soars once again
Taking off from a cliff in the tall mountains
He observes what others cannot
Yet he is content with what he have

He lets out a cry of happiness.

Right.....I hope you enjoyed that wee bit of a poem, although it can be elongated and elaborated more professionally. I just really don't have the time because right now it's two minutes before the bell rings and I have to close this laptop as soon as I can.

Regards from the schizophrenically psychotic retard,
Yoga Pradana A.K.A. Dr VoltsPerSecond

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