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Cool Facts That you may not know

Cool Facts that you may not know

The “Little Red Riding Hood” is a fairy tale based on a serial killer
Do you know, that the little red riding hood is a fairy tale based on a serial killer. The story about a little girl that visit her grandma, which later shows that the grandma is a wolf in disguised. The “wolf” in the story is actually a serial killer loves to kill children and mutilated them. The reason why they are called wolf is because the serial killer with such bestial ferocity and cruelty was characterized as a wolf-men.

The famous doll which is idolized by kids (girls) was originated from German as a sex toys.
Do you know, that Barbie toys for kids was a sex toys for adults in German 1959 ? The famous and oldest dolls for girls were actually come from German and also a sex toys. The Barbie dolls were actually named Lili, a toy which was characterized with large breast and sexy clothing and was intended for adults to “play” with it. This “Lili” was actually a symbol of sex and pornography for the men of Germany. <>
Hieronymus Machine
Psionic Heironymus Machine is a simple machine that was acknowledge as the only machine that was operated by psychologically. This machine was created intended to locate any elements by its individual frequency. However the machine, actually has more function than just locating element by its frequency since some people said that this machine is able to ……. (in the Cumberland Valley a scientist from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau put a photo of an insect infested field into the machine commonly called a "Black Box". Along with it they put a tiny amount of insecticide. Forty-eight hours later, the insects in the infected field, many miles away, were all dead!), (A scientist named George de la Warr, head of a huge of laboratory in Oxford, England put a piece of ordinary photographic film into an opening in the device and after a few minutes, removed a picture of his wife and himself on their wedding day, 30 years before.), and ( Galen Heironymus himself used his psionic device to monitor the life support systems of the Apollo astronauts. He successfully recieved all the correct data, before Nasa did.) Unfortunately the F.D.A declared that this machine is fake and is not capable to things mentioned above. So is the Hieronymus Machine a fake or the scientist cannot accept the way it supposedly work, you decide. < > or <>

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