Sunday, December 9, 2007

Teleporting Vision

Everytime I watch Indonesian television channel, I would want to cry...
From some of the countries I've visited in the world, Indonesia has the worst programme on earth. That is why there should be a consideration of making another 'television rating organization', that rates not how much smoking and kissing in movies or soap operas should be banned, but rather to 'how good this movie is', because producers are producing broadcasts that are rubbish and there are "films in between the advertisements". As a consumer, I do not care of how little clothing the girls wear in a movie, but rather to how much does the movies entertain me...
Not only movies and soap operas, but Indo will need to recreate their news, gossips, and other programmes to entertain viewers. Come on! We do not need ROBOTS talking in programmes such as the girly gossip shows or gadgets reviewing programmes. We need JAY LENO, JEREMY CLARKSON and OPRAH in our Indonesian TV channel.
But thanks to the private company that gives us the privilage to watch international channels so we could enjoy REAL entertainment and not robots talking show.
But I think in the future,......ITS GETTING WORSE...The education of the next generation MCs and news broadcasters for example, are not really improving from their granpas and granmas. This is what I saw from the news that some university students broadcasted, they had terrible sense of humor and they seemed to not have any tone or anything else. It was just simply Stephen Hawking with his talking machine.

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