Sunday, December 9, 2007

Busway : a solution or a new trouble ?

Sutiyoso, the former governor of DKI Jakarta made one crucial decision in his attempt to solve the traffic problem especially in Jakarta. He traveled to many countries until he decided to make busway as his final decision. His main purpose of his decision is to reduce the transports emission so we can suppress the Global warming and reduce traffic jam.
First, he cleared up trees from the polluted city, Jakarta (wow he’s “smart”). Next, he started to bombard the old roads with cements and PEMBATAS JALAN, can you imagine with the increased number of vehicles, the old roads cannot cope with them anymore, now he took one path way especially just for the bus. It is not solving the problems since now too many vehicles stuck in the left over paths yet there is an empty path in every major road in Jakarta (he should have thought this before).
Now many people must leave home earlier to avoid the worsening traffics. Since in peak hours, people will have to almost park in the street. Imagine the cost factors of time and money. The vehicles will spent more gasoline; imagine its effect to our air condition because of the transports emissions. It is surely a waste of fossil fuels and the major cause of global warming.
Many people now are having health risk since they tend to smoke while waiting to pass through the traffic, further more people are likely to be in stress. Being not patience, more accidents and breaking up the laws are some of physical impact that we can see right away. As for the emotional effect, many families now lose their precious family time together since most of the members are spending more of their time in the street.
Meanwhile, those people who take busway as their transport device, should travel for quite long since the corridor or the route are not quite flexible so if somebody wants to go somewhere, it is possible that he has to travel all around Jakarta just to get his destination point. Well for a point he can have a free ride across Jakarta just for the price of 1 ticket but imagine if that someone is in a hurry.
More, the seating arrangement of the bus for me is not so convenient. There aren’t many seats to sit on. If it is still in the morning I believe many people wouldn’t mind since they’re still fresh but how about after a long day at work and you still have to stand in the bus for quite a while to get to your home?
One more major threat is safety. It is heard that many people lost their belongings in their traveling time such as handphone, wallet, and etc.
So what do you think? Is busway a solution or a new trouble?
In my point of view, you cannot just adapt someone’s system to our problem without compromising our own culture. Different place and different system, this can be analyzed through experts studies in economic and environmental education( “someone” should continue studying !!!!)
In conclusion, our former governor ordered to cut the trees and replace them with cements which will help the Global Warming. Next He causes a lot of cost to a lot of people in time, money and relationship. A “very wise decision” ?

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