Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How to become a perfect liar

I know I'm supposed to post about something I've experienced or telling something interesting about my life. But since my life is not interesting to be shared, I will post about the how,what,where,when in life.
Today I'm going to teach you,the readers about how to become a perfect liar. The first step that you need to take is when you decided to lie at someone, you need to act natural and relax. Because if you're nervous and too stiff, you will cause doubt/ suspicious to the person you're lying to. 2nd keep focus and look at the person's eye, to earn that person's trust. 3rdly don't be defensive, act normal. When the person doubt that your saying the truth and ask you questions to see that you're lying, act normal and answer the question short and simple. And try not to delay some time when you are answering his questions. 4thly, when the person you're lying to is still asking question, don't change the topic of the conversation quickly it will create more suspicious to that person.
These are the 4 steps to create a perfect lie, but don't ever use this 4 steps to fool me, because I can still know you're lying eventhough you use this 4 steps. But the only person in SPH that I cannot see if he's lying or he's telling the truth is Adrian, because he has a poker face ( a term for someone that is hard to read his/her emotion and reaction)


Arnold Smith said...

Hahaha.. what a bunch of bullcrap...

Practive makes perfect.. that is the only thing that matters.. If you want to lie better... lie more..

Administrator (Nicholas) said...

Yes, that is the next step for experience people like you. But for beginners, they need to follow this step.